Thursday, June 12, 2014

Stay in the Game with Regenerative Therapy

Even professional athletes can attest to the fact that regenerative therapy is a good option for individuals who have suffered from sports related injuries. You may not need to have major surgery in order to recover from an injury, or to ease the pain while you are going through the healing process. Consider learning more about regenerative therapy.

Using your Own Body 
With regenerative therapy, you can use your own body parts to heal and reduce pain. The regenerative cells are taken from you and transplanted into the affected areas of your body. With regenerative therapy, the treatment will not only repair your body, but it could reverse a variety of medical diseases and conditions.

The regenerative cells are harvested from your peripheral blood, bone marrow, or fat. This is done to help eliminate any cell rejection. The number of treatments you will need for your sports related injury will depend on how your body reacts to the stem cell treatment.

 Individuals do not need to wait on an organ donor list if regenerative therapy is an option available to them. This medical treatment can use your cells to help create the living and functional tissues needed to repair your organs that have been damaged due to:

  • Sports related injuries 
  • Age 
  • Disease 
  • Congenital defects 

Treatment You Can Depend On 
You can stay in the game by skipping out on major surgery and having a certified physician treat you with regenerative therapy. Dr. Damon Noto of is a licensed medical doctor who can treat you, and help you get back into the swing of your everyday life. Contact Spine & Joint Center, or call 201-288-7246, to learn more about regenerative therapy, and why it could be your best option for treating your sports related injury.

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