Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Your Own Body Could Be Your Best Defense

Over time, our bodies inevitably slow down and our joints, or the connections where two or more bones meet, fatigue as well. Examples of our joints include the elbows, hips, knees and shoulders. 

Degenerative joint disease, not uncommon as we advance into the years of our lives, is the inflammation of joints and their surrounding tissue. This can occur due to aging, the overuse of our joints, and/or injuries to them. Swelling and stiffness in these junctions, muscle pains, sprains and tears can all lead to discomfort, making it difficult to function in everyday activities. Unfortunately, our “advancing” bodies take longer amounts of time to heal.

Fortunately, stem cell therapy has been particularly successful in treating joints and joint disease. This is the process of taking healthy stem cells from the patient's body and then combining them with the extracted, platelet-rich blood of the patient. Once processed or concentrated, the cells are administered back into the body to the problematic area. Ultimately, the healing of the afflicted area occurs as the stem cells grow and revitalize into new cells and tissue. A successful administration of stem cell therapy can relieve or drastically reduce the patient’s pain. Additionally, the patient will see greater functionality in joint use. When all is said and done, the patient is able to heal using his or her own stem cells.

If you have joint disease and are looking for an alternative method to ease your discomfort, consider regenerative medicine. Feel free to comment below, or contact us directly.

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