Thursday, November 13, 2014

Treating an Elbow Injury with Stem Cell Therapy

Recovering from a sports related injury is often difficult to do, but with stem cell therapy, treating your deteriorating or injured joints can be done – while alleviating a great deal of the pain.

Regardless if your elbow injury is caused by a trauma or Tennis Elbow, stem cell (regenerative) therapy can help with the repair process. There are no guarantees that the procedure will work 100% of the time – although studies have shown that stem cell therapy is more likely to be successful if you are in good health when you have the therapy done.

The stem cells in your body are used to repair your elbow, so you’re technically using your own body to repair itself. These cells are taken from bone or fat in your body, and then the cells are injected into the elbow, precisely where the injury exists. These cells work to heal your elbow by renewing it. The pain in your elbow may very well also decrease as a result of stem cell therapy.

Stem cell therapy consists of injections; the number of injections you receive will vary on a case-by-case basis. For example, some patients will only need a total of three injections over a course of a few months, while others could need a series of four injections. After each injection, you may begin to notice an improvement with the flexibility in your elbow.  

Although each patient will experience different levels of pain and reaction to stem cell therapy, most patients do report feeling soreness in their elbow after each injection; however, the pain does decrease.

To learn more about treatment for your sports related injury, contact Dr. Damon Noto of the Spine & Joint Center in New Jersey at 201-288-PAIN.

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