Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Stems Cells From Fat vs. Bone Marrow

Stem cell therapy is the process in which stem cells are taken from the adult patient, concentrated and then administered back into the patient’s own body. This procedure restores the body’s natural balance and maximizes its healing potential at the same time. This revolutionary practice can improve one’s quality of life by reducing chronic pain and making them feel comfortable again.

The stem cells that are taken from and then reintroduced into the body come from two specific sources: fatty areas of the body and bone marrow. What exactly is the difference between the two types of stem cells?

Stem cells isolated from fat, also known as Adult Adipose derived stem cells, are collected through a mini liposuction procedure. The current understanding is that the type of stem cell found when collected from Adipose is mesenchymal stem cells. When isolated from fat there is an abundance of high concentration regenerative cells. Since they are mesenchymal regenerative cells they can differentiate into ligaments, cartilage and bone and can make new blood vessels, these cells promote circulation and play an essential part in the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues.

Bone Marrow Cells are typically aspirated from the hip bone or tibia. These cells are also mesenchymal stem cells with the ability to repair and differentiate into ligaments, cartilage and bone! These cells aid in decreasing inflammation and pain, as well as decreasing the healing time of injured or damaged tissues.

It is currently believed that both sources provide mesenchymal stem cells that are essential in the process of repairing damaged tissues in the body. Stem cell therapy is a quick and noninvasive procedure where the patient can get back to their everyday activity once they are done with their session. If you are experiencing chronic pain, you may begin to consider stem cell therapy. To learn more about stem cell therapy, comment below or contact us directly at (201) 288-7246.

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