Friday, March 25, 2016

A Treatment For Your Damaged Joints

Damaged joints can be the result of a multitude of factors, whether it’s from an injury, a disease or aging. Pain in your joints can impact your everyday life. This is what you can do to treat joint damage:


Our bodies change as we get older, and that includes our joints. Aging causes the cartilage that lines our joints to thin, resulting in pain and higher risk of injury. Older adults also have stiff joints, which is because of the reduction in tendon and ligament flexibility. These connective tissues are also more susceptible to tearing as we age, and the healing process is much slower in older adults.


There are so many ways we can injure our joints and cause serious damage. Sports related injuries are a common cause of joint impairment. Between torn ligaments in your knee, tennis elbow and many other joint injuries, your body may never feel the same again. Many joint injuries can hold people back from doing what they love and living their lives to the fullest.


Degenerative diseases, such as osteoarthritis, is a major source of joint pain and damage in adults 65 years and older. These conditions can affect the knees, hips, lower back, fingers, neck, shoulders and elbows, wearing away at the cartilage that cushions your joints. Someone suffering from such a disease will experience chronic pain in the joints, and it gradually gets worse over time.

Other causes of damaged joints include: bad nutrition, stress and low activity levels. Nobody should have to live with chronic pain and joint damage. If you are suffering from this, you may want to consider stem cell therapy, a low risk option that uses your body’s own stem cells to boost healing power.

Sometimes medications and traditional orthopedics are not enough. With this option, you could be feeling like your old self again! If you have any questions about regenerative medicine comment below or contact us directly at (201) 288-7246.


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