Monday, August 8, 2016

Everyday Tasks That Increase Your Risk of Arthritis

Arthritis is often associated with inflammation around your joints. This inflammation causes continual discomfort—both after exercise and during long periods of inactivity. Factors such as heredity, obesity, and overuse can lead to joint pain and arthritis, but there are also various everyday tasks that can contribute to your joint pain.

Poor posture puts additional stress on your joints.

Many jobs entail standing for multiple hours at a time. Teachers, for example, must practice proper posture to avoid knee complications later in life. It is also important to wear the right footwear to get arch support that lessens the strain on your knees and distributes the pressure evenly.

Job- and hobby-associated movements strain your body.

If you’ve spent years performing manual labor—including any occupations that require regular heavy-lifting, kneeling, and squatting—you have a much higher risk of arthritis. Similarly, hobbies such as playing an instrument can add to this risk. For example, decades of guitar strumming can lead to wrist pain, and bowing the violin can put extra strain on your neck, elbow, and shoulder.

Wearing high heels increases pressure on your knees and feet.

For women, high heels can drastically increase the risk of arthritis in the knees and feet. Heels force you to stand and walk a certain way, which puts unnecessary and uneven amounts of pressure on your knees. The unnatural position of the feet also raises the risk of joint pain, especially if you wear heels frequently.

Excessive cellphone use can lead to arthritis in your hands and fingers.

Though a new phenomenon, frequent texting, browsing, and game playing can result in lingering joint pain. The repetitive motions—and even the consistent hand positions—involved with mobile usage add to your risk of arthritis. Cellphones have become an integral part of everyday life, but it’s crucial not to let them get in the way of maintaining a happy, healthy lifestyle.

If you experience persistent joint pain caused by a long-term everyday activity, stem cell therapy can be an effective treatment option. This noninvasive procedure repairs damaged tissue and relieves discomfort in your knees and other joints.

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