Monday, September 26, 2016

4 Tips for Dealing with Joint Pain in Autumn

With summer coming to an end, temperatures are dropping and leaves are falling. It’s the perfect weather to spend some time outside – take the dog for a hike, have a football catch with your kids or grandkids, or rake some leaves just to stay active. Even with joint pain and arthritis, there are ways to enjoy the autumn weather while reducing your discomfort.

1. Ease into exercise.

Activities as simple as raking can put strain on various parts of your body. It’s important to warm up with a brief walk and gentle stretching – to avoid pulling muscles in your arms, legs, shoulders, and back.

2. For yard work, use proper tools and technique. 

To limit the strain on your lower back, be sure to involve your entire body when raking leaves and performing other strenuous activities. Make it a full-body workout, bending your knees and using your arms to rake, while keeping your back straight instead of hunched over. Also, be sure to switch sides to distribute the workout and prevent lingering muscle and joint pain.

3. Go at your own pace. 

You know your limits. Don’t push yourself too hard, and make sure you take breaks every so often to rest and rejuvenate. It’s always a good idea to perform more gentle stretching exercises during breaks and after you’re done with an activity to keep your muscles loose.

4. Stay active year-round. 

When you exercise throughout the year, you are less likely to experience joint pain while doing yard work and outdoor chores. With your muscles used to physical activity, your body is easily able to handle light exercise such as hiking, raking, and throwing around the football.

If you experience persistent joint pain, stem cell therapy can be an effective treatment option. This noninvasive procedure repairs damaged tissue and relieves discomfort in your knees and other joints.

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