Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Common Causes of Knee Pain

Your knees support the full weight of your body, making the joint particularly vulnerable to injury. In fact, most people will develop a problem with one or both knees at some point in their lives. Sudden injury, overuse, and degenerative diseases are all common causes of pain in the joint, and may impair your mobility drastically if pain becomes debilitating.

Most knee problems stem from sudden injuries, which can be unpredictable and almost impossible to avoid. A fracture of the kneecap, tibia, fibula, or femur can result in swelling and pain in the knee that make it extremely difficult to walk or extend the leg. Fractures are frequently caused by abnormal force—a car accident, sports injury, or even a simple fall can lead to prolonged pain and mobility issues. 

Serious injury to the knee also increases the risk of developing osteoarthritis in later life. A degenerative disease of the joint, osteoarthritis weakens your cartilage and bone, resulting in pain and stiffness that make it difficult to perform even simple day to day tasks. Osteoarthritis sufferers are more prone to falls, increasing their risk of fractures and other impact injuries.

Pain, swelling, and tenderness in the knee may also result from injury to the muscles and ligaments surrounding the joint. These injuries are especially common in athletes, as well as in those who perform regular manual labor and heavy lifting. A strain or sprain can be caused by overuse or fatigue, and pain may persist for as long as several months if the injury is severe. However, if the injury is acute, it can often be treated at home using rest, ice, compression, and elevation.

Prevention and Treatment of Knee Pain

As we age, we all experience wear and tear in the joints—but there are things we can do to prevent and manage pain and injury.

Maintaining a healthy weight alleviates the pressure placed on the knees and reduces the risk of developing osteoarthritis. Regular exercise keeps joints limber, while warming up, stretching, and cooling down during a workout helps prevents injury to the muscles and tendons.

If you experience persistent knee pain, alternative treatment options like Stem Cell Therapy can provide long-term results, helping your body to repair itself naturally. Contact us today to find out more.

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