Monday, April 24, 2017

The Warm Weather-Joint Pain Connection

Ice cream. Barbecues. Beach days. There are so many things to love about summer. Joint pain isn't one of them.

If your joints ache as the temperature rises, you're not alone. A British study finds that over half of adults suffer from joint pain throughout the summer months.

In this post we will explore the connection between joint pain and warm weather, and tell you where you can find relief that lasts long past Labor Day.

Why You? Why Now?

There are a few possible causes of summer joint pain. For many, the arrival of warm summer weather signals their return to the tennis court, golf course or bicycle lane. While engaging in physical activity is critical to overall health, exercising after months of inactivity places a lot of strain on elbows, knees, and other joints.

Very often, it's the weather itself that causes joint pain. An atmosphere of extreme temperature and moisture fluctuations can impact the levels of fluid that lubricate the joints, causing discomfort.

Heat and humidity can also increase the amount of inflammation in the body. Your regular dose of anti-inflammatory medication may not cut it when summer hits.

Instead of avoiding physical activity or doubling your dosage, try a natural alternative that doesn't just mask joint pain, but addresses it.

How Stem Cell Therapy Can Help

Whether the cause of your summer joint pain is a more active lifestyle, rising temperatures, or a combination of both, stem cell therapy may help.

During a typical session, a doctor harvests adipose stem cells from the patient’s own body while they are under a local anesthetic. The cells are manipulated and injected into the patient’s ailing joint, where they stimulate the area’s circulation to promote the healing process. Many patients report a significant reduction in pain after only one session.

Unlike more invasive pain management procedures, a stem cell therapy session is not followed by a lengthy recovery period. In fact, many patients are back to work the very next day—and back to enjoying all that the summer has to offer, without fear of joint pain getting in the way.

Make your dream summer body one that doesn't ache. To find out if Stem Cell Therapy is right for you, book your consultation today.

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